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to pure biosorptive removal of metal contaminants from
complex industrial effluents. Tsezos (2001) suggested a hybrid technology
either intra-biotechnological or inter-technological, making use of a
combination of various processes, including biosorption. Biosorption is a
desirable component in the design of flow sheets because the
biosorption can effectively sequester dissolved metals out of dilute
complex solutions in high efficiency and rapid intrinsic kinetics. These
characteristics make biosorption an ideal candidate for the treatment of
high volume low concentration complex waste waters (Tsezos, 2001).
Biosorption appears to be suitable as secondary or polishing applications
for metal removal from dilute waste streams, which would be
competitive with ion-exchange resin based on final cost-beneficial
analysis, and the greatest use for biosorption may be in modular system
for small companies, e.g. for specific treatment (Edyvean et al., 1997).

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