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The role of human capital in fostering economic development is well recognized in the literature. Several studies have suggested that government spending on education improves general welfare, reduces poverty and boosts growth. Schultz (1979), Becker (1993) and Romer (1991) showed that increase in investment in education and training of individuals results in an improvement of productivity. Studies have shown that increase in health care expenditure is related to the income level and economic growth of a country. Mushkin (1962), Becker (1964), and Fuchs (1966) pointed out that health capital is a component of the stock of human capital. Thus, in the modern growth model, it enters into production function of an economy. It is perceived that both education and health human capital have a significant role for economic performance, different measures has been taken to improve the access and the quality of provisions but it is not even in all sides of the globe.

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