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So I thought being a funny or being a class clown would make the children accept me and know me as the funny guy from Detroit. That had its ups and downs. I got in trouble sometimes, but on the other hand I was making friend. As the years passed, I got more comfortable with Virginia and my life as an individual. I started playing sports in middle school and quickly became popular because of my athleticism. My adjustment to my new lifestyle was a slow but patient and rewarding process.

My new lifestyle has changed me for the better. I have come outside of my shell, and am happy with where I am in life. I have become more mature and I have learned to just be myself, and people respect that. I probably wouldn?t be as successful in school and sports. Making this adjustment from a violent and negative atmosphere to a peaceful and positive setting to me was a good move for my family and I. I am now a college student athlete at Old Dominion University, and life is treating me fair for now.

Many people go through the same situation that I went through when they are young. It was a tough time in my life, and it has made me a much stronger human being, physically and mentally. I feel stable and relaxed and I am comfortable with who I associate with, and my adjustment to my new environment. I often visit Michigan, but when I am there I feel homesick and want to go back to Virginia. My family supports me on all levels and friends back home. My younger siblings and

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