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Hello, classmates
My name is Dalia Hanna, I am pursing to my bachelor’s degree in Radiation Therapy Technology as my plan A career or, Radiologic Technology as plan B career. This is my last semester at Wayne. I went to Macomb community collage for about 4 years I earn my two Associate degree, one in General studies and the another one in Art and Science. I have been in Wayne since fall 2014. I will apply again in spring for Radiation Therapy Technology hopping to be accepted this year. I have been working for Walgreen pharmacy for 10 years as pharmacy technician I enjoy my work. I will confess that writing have been a challenge for me. English is my second language. Hopping by the end of this class to improve my writing skill.
I hope everyone has a great semester, and I am looking forward to gain more knowledge in writing. Wish you all good luck with your course.

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