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Dayanand (2013) a field study on 76 farmer’s field was conducted in three different villages of Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan under Rashtriya Krishi VikasYojana (RKVY) project during rabi season 2009-10 with the objective to enhance the productivity level and net return of chickpea crop. Data reveals that two foliage application of mixed solution of thiourea (0.05 %) and zinc sulphate (0.2 %) agrochemicals at branching and pod formation stage has positive influence on chickpea seed yield and net returns. Highest seed yield (10.35 q/ha) achieved under T4 treatment followed by T3 treatment (10.25 q/ha) in comparison to other treatments. The B: C ratio was also highest under T4 treatment (1.42) as compared to control (1.34) and other treatment.

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