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Amazon and Wal-Mart is forever changing at developing better and faster services to attract more customers. Amazon is an online retail store that has created ways to get to their customers through two day delivery, membership fee, and whole food while Wal-Mart a physical retail store that was created long before Amazon just created same day pickup for customers to physically go to the store to pick up the item. “To access the pickup deals, Walmart shoppers can click on an item denoted “Pickup Discount” and later head to the store. The focus on beefing up the pick up service echoes Walmart’s efforts to use its physical stores and ability to offer pickup to spur online grocery sales, which it does at 600 stores now, with another 500 in the hopper,” (Wahba, 2017).

Wahba, P. (2017). Walmart Is Offering a New Web Discount in Challenge to Amazon. Fortune.Com, 149.

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