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Accounting profession is one of the most reputable occupations in the world. Every economy requires the expertise of chartered accountants to assist in maintaining a vibrant accounting system for the country’s economic development (Owusu, Obeng, Ofori, Ossei Kwakye, ; Bekoe, 2018) According to (ACCA, 2018) accounting is an in demand profession and being ranked at the topmost of the list with other professional such as lawyers and doctors. Regardless of being one of the most popular profession, there is shortage of qualified professional accountants in many countries such as Japan (Sugahara, Hiramatsu, ; Boland, 2009), Australia (Jackling ; Calero, 2006), Ghana (Owusu et al., 2018). Malaysia is also facing the similar situation(Nor, Zaini, ; Zahid, 2013)

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