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Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

Merchant Engineering College, Basna

Student Registration System
Under subject of
B.E. II, Semester – IV (Computer Eng.)
Submitted by: (‘Group Id -28643’)
Name of student Enrollment No:

1 Chauhan Pankajkumar Jayantibhai 160650107005
2 Patel Jigneshkumar Bipinbhai 160650107013
3 Patel Vishalbhai Hareshbhai 160650107018

(Faculty Guide) Head of Department Academic Year

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We would like to extend our heartily thanks with a deep sense of gratitude and respect to all
those who has provided us immense help and guidance during our project.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our internal guide Prof. UMANG.J MODI for
providing a vision about the system and for giving us an opportunity to undertake such a great
challenging and innovative work. We are grateful for the guidance, encouragement,
understanding and insightful support given in the development process.

We would like to extend my gratitude to Prof. KETAN K MODI, Head of Computer
Engineering Department, Merchant Engineering Collage, Basna for his continuous
encouragement and motivation.

Last but not the least we would like to mention here that we are greatly indebted to each and
everybody who has been associated with our project at any stage but whose name does not
find a place in this acknowledgement.

Yours Sincerely,

Chauhan Pankaj(160650107005)
Patel Jignesh (160650107013)
Patel Vishal (160650107018)

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Today internet become reality and usage of internet become
very much popular and there is tremendous increase of internet
in all over the world for education purpose. The Student
Registration System is easy to use, full-featured and flexible
student registration web portal. Currently student submits hard-
copy of filled application form to the college/university, office
staff enters all data into excel file and write same in manual
register. Office staff / employee of college login and check the
details entered by student. Student can registered and login
into the system to check registration status online no need to
visit university campus every time. Student can login into
system by using registration no and check his registration
status. After inspection of all forms manually, office staff
approved, reject student application and same listed.

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Title Page No.

1.1 Project Scope
2.1 Analysis of selected domain 7
2.2 Analysis of selected domain 7
2.2.1 AEIOU 7
2.2.2 Empathy Mapping Canvas 13
2.2.3 Ideation Canvas 19
2.2.4 Product Development Canvas 24
3.1 Mind map 31
3.2 Modeling and Analysis 32
4. Learning Needs Matrix 33

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Our Project name is Student Registration system

There are three members in our group:-

Chauhan Pankajkumar Jayantibhai (160650107005)
Patel Jigneshkumar Bipinbhai (160650107013)
Patel Vishalbhai Hareshbhai (160650107018)

System may be defined as a layered structure that depicts how
programs involved would interrelate and communicate. In computers,
System may also include actual programs, programming interfaces
and tools for managing the larger system. The term system may be
used differently in different contexts, but more or less the concept
remains the same. Online student course registration system combines
multiple systems to construct a combined framework. This framework
consists of multiple modules, which further contain different systems
along with the implementation of their defined constraints.
Basically, systems are implemented for facilitating complex manual
processes and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve. System is
implemented as per user requirement such as a manufacturing concern
may install a plant for easing out manual processes. We have sought
help from computer programming for automation of manual
registration system. With the introduction of computers, every aspect
of our lives has been revolutionized. When used judiciously,
computers can help us save time, secure our personal information,
access the required information whenever and wherever required.

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Keeping all these positive points in mind, we have developed an
Online Student Course Registration System for easily managing the
semester registration process for the student in an institution. Ours is
an advisory based system. In state agricultural universities the course
allocation is advisory based and more complicated. The courses are
assigned according to the skill set and industry requirements. Hence,
in current scenario, automated system is required for course
registration of students.

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• Selection and disassembling of branch specific artifact/component.
• Study the technical aspects of it. Analysis of components/ modules/ process/
algorithms/ Tools/ Technology/ APIs
2.2 (A E I O U) Student Registration system Canvas
Observation is done by using AEIOU Student Registration
system . It helps to verify the concept and help in clarifying the
insights that need for implementing the idea.

2.2.1 AEIOU Student Registration system:
1. Activities
2. Environment
3. Interactions
4. Objects
5. Users

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While observing at Cyber café ; collages where many
people are working, many activities are being done over there. Some
of the activities are mention here,
• Student login
• Updating Information
• Branch course catalogue
• Create account
• Edit
• Online Attendance
• Log out

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While observing the Cyber café ; collages the environmental
issues which are obtain here, some of the environmental issues are
• Back Ground
• Busy Network
• Privacy Requirement
• Related technology
• Potential user problem

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Generally, every person interacts with other person. Some of
the interaction mention here,
• Student to Administrator
• Student to teacher

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At cross Cyber café ; collages, we observes objects like,
• Low cost
• Easily user Interface
• Save time
• Registration
• Internet supported Device

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As the User Generally prevent impression/observation of
present role ; responsibility,
• Student
• Administrator
• Professor

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2.2.2 Empathy Mapping
Due to huge construction, many International Ports suffer a lot of
problems. Some get late ; some get Studded due to or some may
suffer a huge money ; time loss due to construction.
So, seeing this condition.

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While observing at Cyber café ; collages area where many people
are working, many activities are being done over there. Some of the
activities are mention here,
• Student login
• Updating Information
• Branch course catalogue
• Create account
• Edit
• Online Attendance
• Log out

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As the User Generally prevent impression/observation of present role
; responsibility,
• Student
• Administrator
• Professor

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• Low clerical costs
• Early access to student grades
• Student course registration

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The online registration save the time of student and
sirs. Which time waste in paperwork. It is easy process which
can use any student easily.
It is Multi-language translation so any one can
understand easily and It was a low cost process and we
control of Information access from anywhere.
Without internet this process was not possible. If site
security was weak then there is some possibilities to leak the
documents or data.
Sometime there are huge numbers of users of the same
time then the server gets slow and sometime it stopped

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2.2.3 Ideation Canvas
In this canvas we see those people which are using bridge and
their activities. Here, some Situation, Content ; Location of
peoples ; last one is our over view of situation also it shows possible

I. People
II. Activities
III. Situation/Context/Location
IV. Props/Context/Location

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I. People
• Student Information

• Professor Information

• Admin

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While observing at Cyber café ; collages where many people are
working, many activities are being done over there. Some of the
activities are mention here,
• Student login
• Updating Information
• Branch course catalogue
• Create account
• Edit
• Online Attendance
• Log out

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III. Situation/Context/Location

• Collages

• Schools

• Cyber café

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IV. Props/Tools/Objects/Equipment
• Low cost
• Easily user Interface
• Save time `
• Registration
• Internet supported Device
• Smart phone
• Computer OR Laptop
• Software tools

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2.2.4 Product Development Canvas

25 | P a g e

I. Purpose
• Information
• Easy to Implement
• Easy Registration

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II. People
• Student Information
• Professor Information
• Admin

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III. Product Experience
• Cyber café
• Web Developer

IV. Product Functions
• Course registration
• Course time table
• Student accounts

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V. Product Features
• Student ID
• Students password
• Student Name
• Gender
• Student DOM
• Student mailing Address
• Registration Date
• City
• Resume
• Images

VI. Components
• Internet Connecting
• Smart phone
• Computer
• Software

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VII. Customer Revalidation
• Easy to Access
• Time saving

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VIII. Reject,Redesign,Retain
• Wheother problem
• Data currept

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3.1 Mind map
An overview of All Five Sheets (AEIOU, User Enthalpy, Ideation
Canvas, Product Development)

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3.2 Modelling and Analysis

• Software begins with a series of modeling tasks to refine the
• Modeling lead to a Specification of requirements ; a Design
representation for the software to be built.
• The requirements model actually a set model-is the First
Technical representation of a system.

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CHAPTER 4: Learning Needs Matrix

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Implementing the Online Student Course Registration System, the registration
procedure has been simplified. Previously student had to go door to door in
order to get the documents acknowledged from the concerned officials whereas
the currently developed system offers an efficient way to perform these
operations. The students can access the registration portal online either from a
computer or a smart phone, and fill the necessary information and submit it for
further approval. This web application provides us with ease of access, user
friendliness and transparency. On the other hand, from organizations viewpoint,
it helps in maintaining transparency, data consistency, data accessibility and
easy maintenance.
Implementation of the proposed system will reduce the workload of all those
involved as the data can be now managed with proper authentication and
authorizations instead of being hard copied and accessible to everyone. This
system will largely save the precious time of Deans, Advisors and Accounts
Officers, Instead of explicitly signing every document; they just have to
acknowledge entries online with the click of a mouse. All the technologies i.e.
PHP, Apache and Myself used for current system design are open source and
hence freely available for download. PHP provides a strong platform for
creating the visual front-end of the web application and PHP combined with
HTML provides a very flexible development environment. For the purpose of
fulfilling Web Server requirements XAMPP was used, which is again Open
Source and is supported across multiple platforms. In order to maintain visual
consistency query was used for simpler implementation of certain features. For
constant testing, analysis and execution needs, Firefox and Google Chrome
web-browsers were used. With a combination of all these technologies we were
able to create a web application environment that is efficient and consistent
The primary objective of our research and development was to automate student
course registration procedure. It has been achieved successfully and the system
is tested to be working efficiently. The student enters his/her information during
the beginning of the semester, the system verifies the data entered, compares it
to the previous semester entries in the database and forwards it to the concerned
faculty. After getting the nod from the faculty and respective officials the
registration form is submitted to the administrative staff of the college or
university for further necessary action at their end.

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Online application of the whole system helps easy access to the system
anywhere. Physical presence of the student is not required. The time taken for
process completion is now largely reduced. After registration the database is
automatically updated at the end of process completion removing the hassle for
department officials who had to enter the data manually. As the database is
managed through me, data duplication is eliminated and thereby reducing
chances of error. Also data can be now being easily retrieved, edited and printed
whenever required. Authentication based access proves to be more secure than
manual system. The data is maintained on a central server and is distributed
among different departments as per requirement and copies of this database are
maintained on backup servers. Also, database access is authorized and cannot
be viewed or edited by unauthorized personnel. So, this automated and
computerized system is safe, fast and user friendly.

To make student registration system unbeatable I want to add following
feature in it. Now as a future research work in we can classify it as below.
1. Login system of student based on high security like face recognition and
speech recognition.
2. Once they register themselves with the system they can update their record
online anytime.
3. Student can apply by just clicking on “apply” button when his profile match
with any companies recruitment criteria.

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